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First things first: vote for us as a validator to unlock all the following benefits! Once you've voted, you can login to your dashboard.

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Payout up to 99%

Depending on our rank as a validator and your vote maturity the payout is up to 99%* of the ß block rewards we receive! Simulate your daily earnings with our calculator.

* Our payout model can always be reviewed when gamification will get launched!


Please welcome our new dApp 🔐 eNIGMA. Euuhh...what? Very simple: we give you an enigma, a riddle, a puzzle and you need to decrypt it!
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More coming soon!

Coming soon

More coming soon!

Coming soon

Reward calculator

Give up your BIND Total Vote Power and your vote age (months) below and immediately find out your daily reward, depending on our current rank as a validator AND our total number of votes. Vote for us and claim your daily reward!

Our current number of votes: 15,763,315

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* The calculated rewards are not the exact number of BIND you'll receive. It depends on a few variable parameters! Calculation is always done with the current total number of votes, being 15,763,315
** Our payout model can always be reviewed when gamification will get launched!

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The only way to reach us, is through Telegram,
cause we really don't like e-mail spam!